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We all love fresh, high-quality seafood, but when you live in Wiltshire, it can be difficult to get hold of. The big name supermarkets are convenient, but their choice is limited and what’s on offer is often indifferent. Good restaurants have always offered top quality fish, by buying direct from markets — but of course, they buy in bulk.

Let’s Eat Fish was created to offer the same quality and choice of seafood enjoyed by those who live on the coast, without having to buy in bulk. Our Fish Club was the answer, banding together seafood-lovers to buy directly from the finest markets.

For almost a decade, our company has delivered the best seafood the UK has to offer, direct to Wiltshire. Based in Langley Burrell, our business can now supply throughout the county. We buy produce from the biggest fish markets in the country, direct from UK fishermen, and deliver to you on the same day.

We purchase mainly from the world-renowned Billingsgate market, which supplies hundreds of fine restaurants and eateries and offers the largest selection of seafood in the country.

As fish-lovers ourselves, we know that preparing fish can be time-consuming (and messy). For your convenience, we can expertly gut and fillet your fish. And for the ultimate convenience, we also offer a range of home-cooked seafood dishes.

Our mission as a company is to offer a range, freshness and quality of seafood that simply isn’t available at the big name supermarkets.

Join our Fish Club today and taste the difference.

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